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where to look for a new home in Shanghai?   guter beitrag schlechter beitrag
Dear community,

we will move to Shanghai in October and we urgently need some advice where to go 'home hunting' in Shanghai. My first experience with a kind of relocation agent was more than disappointing, so I start now to check out for help from the different expat communities I might find here in the web.
Here I am with the hard facts: My office will be in the real north of Shanghai area, in the industrial zone of Jiading. I signed a contract for three years and I think we won't extend this contract after that.
I will have a car and a driver, paid by the employer. I will move to Shanghai with my wife, no kids, no pets. We are old enough not to look for party each night. We are Germans, but lived in US for some years, so we speak English - but no word Chinese in the moment and as none of us is a language genius I think even 50 or 100 hours Chinese lessons won't teach us more than the chance to ask for the way to the next English speaking person.
After the hard facts some requirements we see at the moment (and I'm afraid, we really do not see all): I do not want to commute more than 45 minutes (one way) to the office each day. We want to live near an international community. We are looking for a home with 3 bedrooms (master, guest and a home office), 1 huge living room or a living room plus a dining room and 2 bath rooms. If it's an appartment, a balcony is a must have. We urgently need a fast internet Access. Price limit is anywhere between 25k and 30k RMB (w/o utlities).
First question I have to you is about the areas I can look for homes. I know I would need about 90 minutes from Downtown Shanghai to Jiading so this area is excluded. Are you having any recommendations for me, which areas we should have in our search?

Thanks in advance

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China and fast internet? Better You stay in the US if this is a "must have"....
aw: where to look for a new home in Shanghai?   guter beitrag schlechter beitrag
home for you... (Gast)
I understand your office is in Jiading and you like to live within an international community and dont want to drive more than 45min each day (one way).

so here are my suggestions:

1) move to Taicang. thats a neigbour city of Shanghai. pretty far from downtown but as you dont want to party to often it should be ok. there are many german companies located and therefore also have some international compounds. prices are lower as in Shanghai (but live may be a bit boring there- at least for me)

2) Jiading itself has also nice and cheap places to live. that would reduce your daily travel time a lot. however, i think the area is less "international".

3) many people working in Jiading, actually live in the area starting from Zhongshan park- Weining Road (check the subway map, Line 2). Zhongshan Park is quite downtown but with a lot of traffic and higher rents (very international though). Weining lu is a bit less exciting but close to the highway, also many expats there and if you live close to the subway station its quite convenient to reach downtown. from Weining Road it should be possible for you to reach your company within 45min.

my conclusion: check apartments around Weining Road (dont get dumped by the rental prices there, always negotiate).

btw: my apartment is around Loushanguan road metro station (between Weining Lu/Zhongshan Park). I am returning to Germany by the end of the year (around middle of December). if date and area suitable for you, you could take that place over.

around 130sqm, 3bedrooms (1 used as my home office), rent incl. Chinese invoice is currenty 9500 - maybe will get increased 5-10% for new tenants- thats china...
place has a balcony, however its not being used as Shanghai is quite dusty in general.
from that place to Jiading, I need around 50min. However, Jiading is quite big, so it could be less or more for you. The Area I live is quite good for me, two new international shopping malls have opened last year with many international restaurants/supermarkets. to downtown a taxi drive is around 20 RMB (french concession).
if your budget is 20k, ask the landlord to buy new furniture and whatever you need for a living or just pay less rent and keep it how it is ^^

about the internet in China: you can have the fastest connection ever, yet ppl usually say that internet is slow. reason is simple: China is blocking or slowing down most of foreign websites. VPN helps, but is often unstable. However, its in general good enough to watch movies online.

for apartments: check out, also has a real estate section but with quite limited offers.
aw: where to look for a new home in Shanghai?   guter beitrag schlechter beitrag
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