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Build a board game design studio   guter beitrag schlechter beitrag
wengcang Shanghai
We are in Taicang, a small city beside Shanghai, you can take the train to Taicang fo only 20min.
We are trying to find a German in Shanghai to collaborate on designing board games.
Hope to design board games that include authentic Chinese culture.
We also hope to have the rigorous spirit from Germany.
You don't have to come over to work most of the time and you can continue to work in your original job.
When we need you to participate in an event or need advice from a German perspective, We hope you can participate in on-site discussions.
We do not provide a fixed salary, but we can provide some travel expenses and stock options.
If you are interested, please contact:
wechat: marsis
or leave a message here:)
aw: Build a board game design studio   guter beitrag schlechter beitrag
Snu75premium member Shanghai
Hi, I like to see some of your examples. What kind of game is it? I am interested to hear more about it. 🃏 Sandra
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