Fantastisches RMB-Gehalt, aber niemanden zum Reden?

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My Chinese girlfriend from Pudong last visited me just before the pandemic started. We would really like to meet again after being more than 2 years apart. Is it currently possible for her to travel to Germany despite the tightened travel regulations? She has been vaccinated with Sinovac, which, to my knowledge, is not recognized by the Paul Ehrlich Institute. A negative PCR test, not older than 48 hours, is recognized as a substitute, according to everything I've read on the internet. However, she needs a new Schengen visa. Are Schengen visas currently issued by the German consulate at all unless there is an important reason? It is not a question of family reunification as we are not (yet) married. It is not a business trip. Is an interview for an advertised position considered an important reason? Is meeting of partners in a longstanding relationship an accepted reason? What will Chinese authorities accept? Can anyone give me any tips on what my girlfriend needs to be able to fly to (and stay in) Germany?
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